Red Thread

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break." ~ Ancient Chinese Beli

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Lexi!!!

August 25 is a special day in our lives.  It is the day we celebrate Lexi's birthday.  When there is no note found with abandoned children in China, it is up to the director of the orphanage to choose a birthday for the child.  Lexi's birth mother never celebrated a birthday with her after she was born. Lexi was left at a hospital in the middle of the night at about 8 months of age.  Having said that, I am most certain that "China Mommy" thinks of Lexi on her actual birthdate, when ever that may be.  That day  must be etched in stone forever in the heart of her birth mother.  We are so very grateful for the decision that Lexi's birth mother made in giving her a chance at life and in doing so she gave us such a wonderful gift.

As Lexi's birthday was on a Saturday we were able to have her 4th birthday party with friends on the same day.  This was something very new to Lexi as last year on her 3rd birthday we kept it to just the four of us.  The year before that on her 2nd birthday, Lexi was with foster Mama and we sent some birthday gifts for their celebration as it was just a few months before we brought her home.  Lexi's first birthday was spent in the orphanage.  We know nothing of that celebration other then she had just been there a few months.

This year, things felt different.  Lexi has been anticipating her birthday for months and counting down the days to her celebration.  The birthday girl woke up happily and enjoyed her new scooter while she waited for her party guests to arrive.

We kept Lexi's celebration simple in hopes that she would better enjoy it.  She invited 7 friends and we played a few games before cake time.
A lovely group of friends to celebrate with!

The girls set out on a treasure hunt...
... with Ella & Bella in charge.
Lexi was not quite sure what to make of it all but she went with the flow most of the time.
After climbing Magic Mountain, Greta is excited for her first treasure!
Lexi, Mala and the others anxiously await to learn what is the next stop on the map.

Lexi, Samnang & Elvira marching off to Balloon Lake.
Lucy, Gracie & Clemmie excited to find Coconut Path!

cake time!!!
Happy Birthday Lexi!!!!
Zum Geburtstag Viel Gluk Lexi!!!
Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Quai Le Xi Xiu!!!
Feeling much more at ease after much of the "hoop-a-la" with Greta & Lucy
Doctor play with Elvira & Samnang
Enjoying a magical birthday gift from Gracie

After all of Lexi's gfs left, we had a break with some fun at the pool before opening more gifts.

We love you Lexi!!!!

First Day of School

It was a looonnnggg summer but a great one.  I will get around to posting some pics of all the fun we had in the US but in the meantime will give some photo updates since we have been "home".

Ella started Grade 3 at Stamford American International School (SAIS) in mid August.  She loves her new teacher and all of her classmates (only 4 from her grade 2 class but lots of new friends to make!).  She is most excited about the brand new campus that they have just moved into.  I will miss the temporary campus as it was small and quaint but with the prospect of growing and competing with the rest of the international schools in Singapore the new facilities are needed.  Last year there were 300 children from nursery - grade 8 but this year there are many more with the secondary school now starting up as the 8th graders become 9th graders.

First day of Grade 3
Lexi not very enthused that Ella is going back to school.

A bit of sisterly bonding before the bus.
Lexi continues at Swallows and Amazons in her 2nd year of pre-school.  She goes 4 mornings a week for now and we will likely add the 5th per her request (good sign I guess).  We chose SAA for the loving and caring teachers - we have not been disappointed as Lexi has flourished and continues to do so. 

When we were not in the US this summer, Lexi continued at SAA in the summer camp program and had a ball.  Here are a few pictures from Sports Day to kick off the summer.

All the classes at SAA lined up and ready to go!

and she's off....

Getting some encouragement from Miss Pauline.
Taking a rest with Chiara and Stephen
Two handed and still managing!
Ella also enjoyed a tennis and swim camp before starting back at school.  A great program that we will  participate in again during other school holidays.  She loved it and made some nice friends.

Tennis photo - Ella's in standing row, wearing pink hat.
Swim photo - Ella is in back row, first one on left.