Red Thread

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break." ~ Ancient Chinese Beli

Monday, March 18, 2013

Til Their Eyes Shine.....

9 years ago this month, I listened to the music from 'Til Their Eyes Shine - the Lullaby Album' for the first time while snuggling with my days-old baby girl, Ella. This cd was a baby gift given to Ella from her God Mother - aka Auntie Annie, my sister.  Little did I know we would still be listening to and singing it 9 years later!

'Til Their Eyes Shine' is a beautiful collection of touching lullabies written by female artists.  The artists donate their royalties to the not-for-profit Voiceless Victims Project of the U.S. based Institute for Intercultural Understanding.  What a treasured gift this cd has been to our entire family.  Not only does it support such a worthwhile cause but each and every song has become so meaningful to us. We all know every word of every song as we have listened to it 365 days x 8 times.

Ella's birthday wish was a weekend away in Hong Kong to visit her very best friend Ava. She wanted nothing more.  We had miles that were to expire next month so we were easily able to make this wish come true!  We left on Friday morning, and were back by Sunday mid day.  It was a quick trip but some good girl friend time was exactly what she wanted...and needed!!  Laughing, playing, sleep does not get much better than that!

E & A snuggled up in bed - notice their AG Dolls in the big bed above!

A tear in her eyes but a smile all the same after a special weekend.
Back in Singapore, we celebrated Elle's birthday at a local art studio along with a few of her friends.  The girls had a fabulous time painting, laughing, decorating and eating cupcakes.  A perfect way to enjoy a birthday!!

Lots to choose from....
Girls getting a lesson on the paints.....
Let the painting begin!
After the pottery was painted, it was time to decorate cupcakes.....
Lulu was sure to get in on the action for this part of the party!
Bella, Sophia, Isabel, Naomi, Ella & Heidi

Happy 9th Bday Ella!!!
As Elle drifted off to sleep on the night of her birthday, I snuggled up with her and once again we listened to "Til Their Eyes Shine".  I had tears in my eyes.  I will never tire of these lyrics and it will always bring me back to our first days together as mother and daughter.

Happy Birthday to the most amazing, spirited, talented and caring 9 year old 
American Swiss  Miss.....who we call Elza Belza Boo.  
From here to the moon and back....we love you like crazy cakes!!

xo Mommy, Papi & Lexi