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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fun Memories made in Boracay

Living on this side of the world gives us easy access to some pretty amazing holiday destinations.  In October we had a get away to the island of Boracay in the Philippines.  I started this post months ago to look back on now!

Boracay is a tropical island that has some beautiful white pristine beaches.  We were there in the rainy season so the seas were rough a few days but it finally settled so we got to see and swim in the gorgeous calm blue waters.

This was our second visit to Boracay.  We were last there five years ago while we were living in Hong Kong.  Sadly we noticed a big change from our last visit.  What I - and many others - once thought to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is not so true anymore.  It is still beautiful but there is so much unregulated development taking place that it is hard to imagine that this is a good thing, as many consider it to be.  Who is benefitting?  Sure people are getting jobs but are they being paid fairly?  There is sand erosian (the fine powdery sand being what made Boracay so special in its day), coastal pollution and the beautiful beaches and vegetation are vanishing ever so quickly.  Boracay really is not what it used to be.

Having said all of that, we still managed to enjoy our stay.  Best of all we did so with our very dear friends....former neighbors and besties in Hong Kong.  We could have been anywhere and still had a great time.  We also had the luxury of staying at the Shangri La.  One of our perks of Patrick's frequent travels are the points we get to use from his stays.  This is a big upgrade to the typical accommodation we stay in.  And with the Shangri La taking their corporate responsibility very seriously we knew we were staying in a resort that is very eco friendly and engages in a "caring for the community" campaign with a local school.

We love the Philippines and with P's regular travel there for work we will most certainly be back again but will look forward to exploring some other areas beyond Boracay.

Changi Intl Airport ready for departure
Boracay is known for its beautiful sunsets 

The fours stooges after hair braiding on the beach
The hotel maintains a beautiful beach
Papi and 2 of his favorite girls

Besties forever
Family friends forever!

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